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Beacon and Lively
Wearable tech is at the top of my radar at the moment, and Beacon and Lively are the latest company to throw their hat into the ring.

The company has unveiled the first in a line of wearable jewelry technology—a stylish bracelet that both discreetly vibrates and lights up upon receiving a call, e-mail, text message, and other alerts, keeping users connected to their smart phones via Bluetooth LE. Starting in November 2013, the development of the bracelet took six months to complete. The bracelets are currently available for pre-order.

Dave Becker, Founder and CEO, brings over 15 years of experience in software sales and product management to the team while wife and co-Founder, Veronica Becker, brings experience with managing customers’ needs in the biotech and medical device industry. “Our first priority was to create something beautiful that people would actually want to wear,” Veronica said of the bracelet’s innovative approach to technology and design. “Functionality is important but the experience is crucial. People want technology to fit into their lives, not the other way around.”

The “smart” bracelet, which allows its user to be connected at all times without engaging in disruptive behaviors, is aimed toward fashion forward women who rely on their phones, yet want to remain discreet in professional and social settings such as meetings and dinners. The design of the bracelet was inspired by high-end fashions with dynamic lines, as well as light usage as a design accent. The sleek and restrained elegance of the bracelet is a call to current high-end and edgy jewelry, using architectural inspiration, such as city skylines. “Our product development efforts were focused on creating something beautiful and simple,” said Dave Becker. “Our bracelet is cast in metal like a traditional piece of jewelry. The experience is easy to personalize through the app which enables users to specify alert patterns and colors.”

Beacon & Lively was developed with the future in mind, evident through the brand’s mission to make staying connected effortless and fashionable. Key features include a sleek fashion-forward design, ambient alerts controlled by the user, discreet muting, battery length of approximately five days, water resistance, personalized profiles, and illumination-off mode. The bracelet comes in silver and gold, with more colors to be released, and it retails for $225.

For further information on the bracelet click here. 
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