The Trend Report from Net a Porter


It's always a highlight when the Trend Report from Net a Porter lands in my inbox. What should we be wearing this season?

Haute Bohemia

70s inspired silhouettes, homespun embellishment and lush floral motifs. 

Blanc Canvas

A seasonal style refresher, eternally chic and universally flattering.

Cool Pink

Blush, petal and rose continue to define modern cuts and understated acessories.

Modern Lady

The modest, mid century lady continues to inspire in elegant and conservative hemlines.

Forever Leather

A timeless texture.

High Tide

Breton stripes, sailor sweaters, gold buttons and white lapels.

Sweet Pastels

Herald spring with buttercup yellow, lilac, pistachio and powder blue.

On Safari

A new sense of adventure, with utilitarian detailing and animal prints taking on a haute new persona.

The Big Easy

Relaxed tailoring and fluid lines.

Sheer Seduction 

Reveal and conceal.
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