In Review: An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé



Looking to escape over New Year? Escape with a copy of An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé by Timothy Corrigan.

This gorgeous books details the award winning designer's love affair with a wreck of a house in the French countryside, and his battle to restore it to its former glory. Corrigan embarked on a two year battle with the French government to return the house to a private residence, and by 2004, he was the new owner of Château du Grand-Lucé.

The initial major restoration took approximately five years, but the meticulous and ambitious process—and, for Corrigan, the joy—goes on to this day as the house evolves with his signature mix of continental elegance and California comfort. Corrigan is an avid student of French architecture and design history, but also a passionate believer in creating a home that truly reflects the way its occupants live. The château is both authentic in Gallic flavor, yet impeccably suited to the relaxed country living Corrigan himself treasures, and which he loves to share with visiting friends.

The book is divided into the three day sections of an ideal weekend, with the titles including 'First Impressions,' 'Evening in the Gardens' and 'Morning in the Country.'

A tale of architectural adventure and interior decoration, with a soupçon of French history, and finally, a gratitude-filled celebration of country living in the pastoral beauty of rural France, An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé offers a window into living in an historic home in a modern way, and will be the must-have book for all Francophiles and design enthusiasts.
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