2013: A Lookback


2013 certainly has been one of the busiest years that I can remember. Both professionally and personally many exciting and lovely things have happened, and it's always great to look back at this time of year to see how things have changed, and anticipate the new in the coming year.

January saw a month of meetings, planning new projects for the new year and evaluating what needed to be accomplished. The first month of any new year for me, at least, seems to be one of evaluation, clearing out the the old, and planning for the new. I love it.

In February I went to the Sadie and the Hotheads gig in Bristol. This was great fun, and I was lucky enough to be included on the VIP guest list. Can't wait to attend more of their gigs in 2014! In February I also said goodbye to my friend who moved back to Sydney for a year- can't wait for her to return later in the new year!

In March I had my first public speaking engagement at the Mostly Women Doing Digital event in Swansea, Wales. Here I discussed Political Style, and how blogging has changed my life. It was fantastic to finally conquer my fear of public speaking! I also saw Dame Helen Mirren in The Audience in London, which has to be one of the best plays I have ever seen in the West End. Truly spectacular!

In April I headed to New York for a short vacation with one of my best friends. As he had never visited the city, it was great to do all the touristy things like go to the top of the Empire State Building, walk Brooklyn Bridge and have a meal at Serendipity.

May and June were full of events and meetings, and in July I hosted my first ever Lean In Circle meeting. It's hard to believe the progress that has been made since our first meeting on Independence Day, and it has definitely been one of the highlights of this year. I also finally got to see Bruce Springsteen play live!

August saw many more meetings and appointments, and I had a short vacation up in Scotland with my family. It was so nice to get away for a few days, and visit Edinburgh, Stirling and Dumfries.

September saw a return to the routine, and in October I went to Grand Designs Live in Birmingham. I also attended a great talk hosted by the National Assembly for Wales that featured Janet Street Porter and her thoughts and experiences about being a woman in the media.

I returned back to New York at the end of October/beginning of November for business, made a trip to Teen Vogue and met with Dayle Haddon, CEO and Founder of Women One. It was also great to meet up with a friend of Political Style, Patricia Maritsch, owner of Piqued PR.

December brought a trip to the new J. Crew in London, and the usual festive events. As I look back on 2013, it's been a year of accomplishments, and I can't wait to share with you what I have planned for 2014!

As ever, thank you for your support and friendship!

xo L
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