White House Week


This week, President Obama delivered a speech from Knox College, Illinois about his vision of growing the economy from the middle-out and how he plans to rebuild the cornerstones of middle-class security.

The cornerstones of his plan are: 1) job security with good wages; 2) a good education; 3) a home to call your own; 4) a secure retirement; 5) affordable health care; 6) more opportunity and less inequality.

You can watch the speech below and also find out more information here. 

There was good news on student loans, as Senators from both sides of the aisle came up with a plan to reduce the interest rates on student loans. 11 million borrowers will save money once it becomes law.

Find out more about the plan here. 

Make sure you check out the White House White Board, an interactive feature that is explaining how the Senate's bipartisan immigration reform bill would work if it were signed into law. 
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