Investment Pieces: Blazer


A well tailored and structured blazer should be present in every girl's wardrobe. I've got somewhat an obsession with blazers, owning several in various textures. They are perfect for pulling an outfit together, and the jacket I always grab as I am heading out the door.

So what details do I look for? The cut and fit are top of my list. I look for lines that skim down and help to lengthen the body. I look for lapels that aren't too wide, but similarly, aren't too small. I look for smart and different lining, especially for someone who likes to have a tiny roll of the sleeve. I also look at hardware. The buttons need to be unique, and also classic looking. I usually opt for silver buttons, but also have blazers with simple black ones. Above all, the blazer must help me feel taller once I've put it on, and like my outfit would be lost without it!

Opt for a blazer that can take you from season to season, such as this linen one. The contrast edging and gold buttons help it to stand out from a standard issue model.

This classic navy schoolboy blazer is perfect for work. Pick one up in black and gray too.

J Crew

Try a double breasted blazer that can be worn over a classic white shirt, a funky blouse or a simple tee. I love this navy one, but would also get one in black!
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