Audrey Hepburn at Christie's


Every now and then an auction comes along and totally captivates the imagination (and bank accounts!) of watchers.

The recent Audrey Hepburn auction at Christie's falls into this description. The sale took place in London last week, passing the £6million mark. Items from Hepburn's professional and private life were on sale, with fans flocking to the showroom to see the items on display.

Dresses from films like Charade (my favourite,) and Two for the Road were on display, as well as items like Hepburn's Givenchy trench and luggage. Pairs of beautiful handmade ballet shoes, scarves and costume jewellery were also available to bid for.

Hepburn's effortless look was captured in many hundreds of photographs from films like My Fair Lady, Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany's - as well as her personal copies of scripts from her entire showreel.

Christie's staged the lots perfectly, providing plenty of space to analyse each object and better understand Hepburn as the performer and the person. One can see why the auction attracted global attention- congrats to the lucky bidders!

And for those of you who couldn't make it to London to view the lots, enjoy this picture laden post!

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