Theresa May A-Z: H is for Hermes


Like many female politicians and members of royal families, Theresa May is a devotee of the classically elegant Hermes scarf. I’m still learning about the Hermes scarf repertoire, and I have no better subject to study than our Prime Minister.

Theresa May has an impressive range of Hermes silk scarves. Favouring the 90x90 size, May has accessorized with this timeless piece for many years. Regularly teaming the scarves with one of her super sharp suits, May opts for bold, multi-colour designs to shake up her workwear.

Helen, a fabulous Political Style reader, has helped me identify some of Theresa May’s Hermes scarves- there are so many amazing designs to feature!

One of May’s oldest designs is the Charmes des Plages Normandes. A playful take on the beach, this orange hued scarf works particularly well in the summer. May has been snapped wearing hers with an oatmeal coloured suit.

Reves d’Escargot is another timeless design, with playful swirled snail shells in a beautiful green, yellow and orange colour pattern. May wore this on a This Morning appearance and often teams it with a dark trouser suit as seen below.

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Coup de Fouet is a bold equestrian based pattern that has made several appearances this year, the most recent to an EU Council meeting in Brussels. May teamed the scarf with a grey Escada blazer and navy dress.

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Quite possibly my favourite of the lot, Les Legendes de l’Arbre Coloriage is a gorgeous mix of purples, blues and deep reds. May was snapped wearing this scarf at a Remembrance Day reception at Downing Street. Paired with a grey blazer, white cami and navy skirt, the scarf was undoubtedly the star of the show.

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Fantasies Indiennes is a lighter design, featuring elephants and an exotic tree. May has worn this on several occasions, most recently on her visit to Cardiff and Dublin in February 2017. May colour clashed on this occasion, wearing it with her midnight and neon lime Amanda Wakeley coat.

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The Vue du Carosse La Galere La Reale is the boldest design out of May’s collection, and May wore this primary coloured scarf to welcome the Polish Prime Minister to Downing Street in November 2016. May wore this in a different way to her other 90x90 scarves, maxing out its width, draping it over her shoulders with a firm knot.

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And Helen’s favourite, the L’Ivresse d’Infini is firmly attached to May’s red Amanda Wakeley suit. The detailed pattern is enhanced by the red, white and blue hues, and is the perfect accompaniment for May’s fierce, lucky outfit.

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We’re still on the hunt for the scarf worn by May to welcome Donald Tusk to Downing Street in April 2017. If you have any ideas then send me an email!

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Come back tomorrow for the I is for... reveal! For further A-Z entries and Theresa May posts click here. 

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