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It's always interesting to hear how other women in my field of work started out, and Patricia Maristch is no exception. Passionate about PR, Patricia founded her own firm, Piqued PR and is based in Philadelphia. Read on to find out more about her inspiring story! Patricia has also started a branch of Local Levo (of Levo League fame!) in Philadelphia.

What initially interested you about PR?
I didn’t really know anything about PR until I started applying to colleges. A family friend who works in communications overseas at Deloitte suggested I study PR. I had always been a strong writer and desired to work in fashion but knew I was not a designer. PR would allow me to work with fashion related brands and apply my gift for writing. It seemed like the perfect fit from the beginning.

How did you go about establishing your PR firm? 
Prior to establishing my own PR firm I had worked in house at a firm in the city handling PR. During my time there I freelanced on the side with any business I could get. Actually, one of the first freelance clients I started working with was a local politician! Freelancing while still at a firm allowed me to establish a clientele for which I could later leave my full time position for and create Piqued Public Relations.

What's it like to run your own business?
Running your own business is a lot of fun but also a ton of work and therefore stress. It is nice to be able to create your own schedule and be truly creative in your own way but also stressful because everything relies on you. You are your brand. I’m often working on nights and weekends to finish up projects but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been such a blessing to be able to start my own firm.

What's a typical day like for you? 
No day is really the same for me. Most days I wake up and check all the social media pages I handle while still in bed. Next on my list is reading industry sites (Mashable, PR Daily, etc.) and blogs. I then move onto tackling my inbox. Depending on the day I’m either visiting clients, planning social media posts, writing blog posts, creating proposals, drafting press releases, planning events and communicating with editors. At night I work with my Mom on the business and accounting side, she’s a saint to handle help me.

What challenges have you faced? 
The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far is dealing with contracts and proposals. You want to be competitive but still attainable. Often times people attempt to take advantage of me or not take me as serious due to my age. It’s all about proving yourself.

What advice can you offer to young women hoping to have a career in PR? 
My advice to those hoping to have a career in PR is to intern and network as much as possible. While in school I had a total of 5 internships. I’d also (and still do) attend as many events as possible to get myself out there. Both interning and networking build lasting relationships.

How would you encourage a young female currently working in PR to start her own business? 
Work hard and be nice to people. I’m pretty sure that’s a quote that’s been circulating around Pinterest but it couldn’t be more true.

You've got a great sense of personal style- what are your favorite 'go-to' looks?
Thank you! During the summer I live in maxis and wedges while in the fall you can’t get me out of cashmere ponchos and riding boots. Right now I keep reaching for my boyfriend style jeans from James Jeans, the “Neo Beau” I love them with a colored or printed blazer and heels.

What are your favorite brands? 
My style tends to be colorful and preppy so some of my favorite brands are Trina Turk, Lilly Pulitzer, JCrew and DVF. For shoes I love Tory Burch, Delman and Elaine Turner. There’s nothing like a classic Louis or Chanel bag.

Whose dress sense do you particularly admire? 
I adore Olivia Palermo and Blair of Atlantic Pacific their style is preppy but modern.

How did you get involved in Local Levo? 
I initially found out about the Levo League through Carly of the College Prepster. I always read her blog and about a year or so she started working for Levo. I was intrigued and inspired by what the organization was doing so I reached out about starting a Local Levo in Philadelphia.

What are your hopes and plans for Local Levo in Philadelphia? 
My hopes for Local Levo as that we continue to have more and more young professionals females attend events. I’ve met some friends whom I’ve personally become very close with through our events so I hope to continue to meet new people through the organization.

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