Theresa May and Louison d'Or


Louison d'Or
Theresa May's faux fur collar from Louison d'Or caused quite a stir amongst fashion fans when it made its debut at Davos in January. It's clearly not your traditional black faux fur neckpiece, and not everyone can carry off a furry number with such aplomb. But our Prime Minister once again showed that a quirky fashion piece can work at even the most serious of venues.

Lousion d'Or is the brainchild of Emilie Lhoste. Based in London, Lhoste designs and creates the range of accessories in her studio and has been in business since 2012. I caught up with Lhoste following the buzz of her scarf making headlines and to find out more about her and her business.

Emilie in her studio

When did you first begin creating accessories?

I started to design accessories when I was a child :) I started to do this in France when I left the airline industry to work on my own and make my design dream a reality.

We moved in London in 2012 and after one year, the time needed to be sure the children were settled in, I decided to launch Louison d'Or - Name representing Louison, Oscar and Romeo, my children.

What is the inspiration behind starting your own line of accessories? 

I always liked to create things and I love fabrics. I am always in search of comfortable designs, and I try to keep my creations both trendy and chic. I use a large range of materials and colours, then I play with them. My workshop is my creative bubble.

What influences your designs? 

I am always inspired by people, culture, nature, and as I am half French, half Italian living in UK, I believe these 3 countries give me the inspiration to create beautiful things..

Dolce vita and design from Italy, elegance and romanticism from France and finally the dynamism and creativity from England! I am lucky I love these countries so much!

What do you think about Theresa May's fashion choices and sense of style?

I admire people who own their choices. I think Theresa May is a charismatic woman and she has a strong personality. We can feel it in her voice, in the look in the eyes, and of course in her great sense of style.

Politics is a serious job, and to dress how she likes, displaying her personal and original style gives her some fun and a sense of freedom. I was privileged to see her wearing my faux fur collar in Davos!

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