Common Ground


We're living in extraordinary political and social times, and are reminded everyday of the challenges facing out highly divided and polarized society.

Common Ground is seeking to address the calls for a more united society, providing tools and a fantastic range of shoes to inspire empathy and spark conversation.

The range of shoes address problems such as gender equality, immigration, gun violence and marriage equality. With thought provoking graphic design, offering unique right and left designs to represent different viewpoints whilst still reinforcing the need to work together to deliver progress. By 'walking in another person's shoes' we can open our minds and understand the other side of the debate.

The blue gender equality design is intended to portray the uniqueness of each gender, while bringing recognition of our shared makeup. The shoes are paired to symbolize equal opportunity and a required commitment to progress by both genders.

Common Ground calls upon shared humanity as a sustainable solution to our social problems, a path that recognises the necessary commitment and participation of the individual to deliver lasting social change. And the shoes are cute and comfy too!

To become involved with the Common Ground movement visit their website or check out the #ProgressLooksLike hashtag on social media.

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