Theresa May x Mirta Bijoux


Theresa May knows how to make a statement, and when it comes to fashion, the biggest of all is her Balls necklace from Mirta Bijoux.

I first saw May's Mirta necklace when she strode up Downing Street to the Cameron Administrations's first cabinet meeting after Brexit. Paired perfectly with an Amanda Wakeley sky blue coat and navy shift and leopard print kitten heels, May was at this point the leading contender in the Conservative party leadership race- and her confidence showed.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Theresa May wore the necklace on her first series of visits with European leaders. She wore it to greet Aung San Suu Kyi on her visit to Downing Street and the necklace was pictured in the powerful photos on the cover of her first sit down feature interview with the Sunday Times. It seems that the PM turns to this striking necklace for some of her most important duties- perhaps it is her power piece?

Mirta Bijoux was founded in 2013 on the heels of the enthusiasm, creativity and experience of Mirta Frosini who in 1998, founded Mirta Fashion Accessories.

Mirta's creations are dedicated to an audience who chooses quality and innovation. As the brand itself says, "Our accessory is the wearer: her passions, her creativity and her joy."

Based in Italy, the company creates all its products in the country, using nickel free materials and non-toxic colours. The company currently produces more than twenty jewellery lines as well as a small collection of Pochette bags.

Thanks to Theresa May, the Balls collection is Mirta's most famous line. An explosion of colour, the necklace is threaded on a strong and completely flexible elastic, with the signature Mirta M charm affixed to the back. Available in more than sixty different colours, the Balls line also features matching bracelets, earrings and rings. Theresa May sports a classic navy necklace, and we have yet to see her wear the matching items.

Big and bold necklaces certainly seem to be a passion of the Prime Minister's. From a silver oversized chain to a long black oval design, May has a sharp eye for quirky accessories. The Mirta Balls necklace is my favourite that the Prime Minister wears, and now the proud owner of one myself, I can attest that it is a great conversation starter!

Much like her shoes, Theresa May shows her personality through her carefully chosen accessories. Mirta Bijoux is one of her staples and demonstrates May's sharp sartorial eye for what works. Paired with a higher neckline and subtle shades of blue, the Mirta Bijoux necklace really is the ultimate style statement.

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