Tetbury with Lorfords & The Antiques Diva


Last weekend I took a trip to the Costwolds. About an hour away from home, I travelled to Tetbury. Well known for its many antiques shops and the country residence of Prince Charles, Tetbury is the perfect place to explore the beauty of the past and plan for the future.

Invited by Lorfords and The Antiques Diva, my break started at the amazing Calcot Manor. If you are looking for a country getaway then this is the destination!

Exploring Lorfords was the highlight of the trip. If every antique tells a story, then Lorfords is the only library you'll ever need. From 19th century bureaus to architectural garden items, Lorfords is a treasure trove of the best sourced and high quality items. The shining jewels in the Lorfords crown are the two old WW2 hangers located just outside Tetbury. Driving up a dusty track road was like something out of a movie, and I half expected a plane to come flying overhead!

Piled full to the brim with out of this world antiques and rare items, every piece was more stunning than the last. I was particularly taken by a huge breakfront bookcase and oversized wall clocks. At the hanger I was able to meet many of the dealers who participate in the collective, hearing their stories of how they started out and how they source their items. It was an incredibly fascinating experience.

I'm no antiques expert, but with an appreciation for luxury items and the finer things in life, it was fascinating to hear and experience how the business works. If you are looking for a unique piece for your home or want to dip your toe into the antiques market, make a trip to Tetbury and visit Lorfords on your first stop.

Thank you to Toma, The Antiques Diva and Toby, Lesley and Jo at Lorfords for a fantastic trip!

Some of my favourite pieces in the Tetbury shop! 
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