Bonjour London, New York and Paris!


London, New York and Paris are three of my favourite cities and with the arrival of the Bonjour New York: The Bonjour City Map-Guides (Bonjour City Guides), a revisit is definitely on the cards!

As portable as a map but as informative as a guide, the hybrid Bonjour City Map Guides provide a refreshing look at this three popular cities. Written by filmmaker Marin Montagut, the guides offer his recommendations for shopping, dining and attractions in each of this cosmopolitan cities.

The pocket sized guides are water resistant and tear proof (perfect for a klutz like me...) and feature rare places that you'll want to visit in a heartbeat. I love to venture off the beaten track, exploring places that locals use and rave about. These Map Guides will certainly be a pick help in tracking down these spots!

From the Monmouth Coffee Company in London, Merci in Paris and the Milk and Cookies Bakery in New York, the Map Guides will be my essential travel item on my next trip!

Check out my Flickr page where you can see photos from my various jaunts to these three awesome cities! 
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