Steppin' Out with Yosi Samra


I do lots of travelling, and whether it be a short haul or a long haul journey I always like to travel with a pair of flat shoes. Endless time spent in airports or in various stations calls for something comfortable and easy to carry. 

Yosi Samra has the ideal solution in the form of its popular foldable flat. Available in an amazing range of designs, styles and colors, the flats fold comfortably up in their own pouch and don't take up any space in a handbag or tote. I took my pair away on a recent trip to Edinburgh and used them constantly. From early breakfast meetings, to drinks in the bar, my YS flats were super handy and stylish! 

All of the YS flats have a luxe look and look great dressed up or down. I keep my pair in my bag constantly now, and often find myself reaching for them when my feet begin to tire in the middle of a long day. 

I wouldn't travel with anything else - and suggest you don't do the same! 

* I was sent a pair of Yosi Samra flats. All opinions are my own.*
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