10 Clever Ways To Design Your Small Apartment On​ A Budget


Getting your first apartment or home is an exciting and momentous landmark in your life! After the initial excitement has calmed down, you will probably be thinking 'how can I design my pad on a budget?' 

Laurel & Wolf CEO and Founder Leura Fine is solving that problem by offering a professional service for a flat fee. Laurel & Wolf is the world's leading online interior design marketplace, providing online interior design services for residential and commercial spaces. 

So whether you're just moving in or want to redesign your current space, these 10 clever ways to design your small apartment on a budget will come in handy! 

Delightful Decor: 

Adding simple shelving allows you to instantly spruce up the look of your walls and showcase special items and artwork around the house. It is also a convenient way to present small items like clocks and vases in an organized and creative fashion.

Simplistic Storage:  

Items don’t always have to be hidden away-open organizers are perfect for easy-access and allow you to show off your favorite dishes and kitchenware. Easier to install than cabinets, Metro racks come in many different sizes and are often used in restaurant kitchens. These ideas can also be applied when storing food

Enchanting Entry: 

A pretty entryway is a great way to add an interesting design touch to your home. Drawers, shelves, and hooks are perfect for storing coats and other items when guests (or you) walk in, and a chair can add a pop of color. To create this piece, removes shelves from a bookshelf and place hooks along the inner wall. Vintage or handcrafted boxes add personal appeal.

Miraculous Mirrors: 

Mirrors and wall art add visual interest and are a wonderful way to occupy empty wall space. Mirrors also increase the amount of light in a room and will make it appear bigger. Position one opposite a window for the greatest effect.

Playful Pillows: 

Pillows add personality. Choose patterns or images that complement the walls and upholstery, or pick pillows to stand out as accents in the room. They can be placed almost anywhere, and always make the room a bit more welcoming.

Lavish Lighting: 

Lighting in just the right place can make a huge difference for the rest of the room. Take into account the amount of window light you will have, and remember to pick a lamp that will look proportional to your other furniture. It can be a sparkling element in the room, so place small lamps on tables, and pick tall ones that can stand out on their own.

Radical Rug: 

Rugs can be used to brighten up dull floors or even cover up old carpeting, especially when you can’t afford to do much remodeling. By picking the right pattern and color, you can instantly liven up a space, so don’t be afraid to choose a piece with plenty of personality.

Delectable Dining: 

Dining in small spaces does not have to be boring. The clear table gives the illusion of more space, and combined with the art piece it makes the space contemporary. Round tables also work best in corners, and plastic and glass make for an easy cleanup.

Inventive Insides: 

Many vintage pieces and other large items can be used in place of furniture, so be creative with what you bring into the house. By turning plant-pots and baskets upside down, you not only have a new decorative element in the room, but also a stylish surface to place vases, coasters, and other items.

Laurel & Wolf

Fabulous Furnishings: 

Furniture is not limited to the main rooms-feel free to add a chair or table to your bathroom. Choose pieces in different colors to give the space an eclectic feel, and create some extra storage and sitting space.
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