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Later this week I'm headed back to Washington DC! It's one of my favourite cities and where I find lots of inspiration for my blog! Here's a photographic look at some of my most treasured haunts and memories of this great city!

I love visiting the Smithsonian Museums! My favorite is the Museum of American History, where you can see items from the White House, dresses worn by the First Ladies and lots of Presidential memorabilia! The china above is from the George W Bush Administration.

I also love that you can see and experience Julia Child's kitchen- definitely a highlight!

Another great place to visit is the Newseum. It's packed full of interesting artefacts, hands on exhibitions and has a fab gift shop! You can see items such as Kennedy's debate notes, the door from Watergate and Tim Russert's desk.

I always try to visit Arlington National Cemetery when I'm in the city, and make a particular stop at the Kennedy gravesite. It's such a moving place of rest and it's a peaceful place in the heart of such a busy city.

Similarly I really like visiting the National Cathedral. It's magnificent! The circular stained glass window is so impressive and the views from the gallery are like no other!

Georgetown is my favourite area to stroll and shop. I love the houses and how unique the area feels.

The US Capitol is one of my favourite buildings and I have so many great memories from working there. I love all the history, the stories and the Rotunda is so impressive.

I like to visit the Memorials at night- I think the Lincoln Memorial is quite spooky in the dark!

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No trip to DC would be complete without a tour of the White House!

What do you love most about DC? What are your favourite places to visit? Let me know! 

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