Fever hits London


When exploring my favourite cities I'm always interested in finding new things to see and do. I'm really excited by today's launch of the app Fever in London!

Fever is the free, smart lifestyle app that uses artificial intelligence to uncover personalized, premium recommendations of things for you to check out in your city.

The brainchild of 22-year-old Spanish CEO Pep Gomez, Fever is making the jump across the water after successes in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and New York. One million users in these four cities already rely on Fever to unlock the best kept secrets they wouldn’t want to miss. You can follow friends and favorite tastemakers to see what they are up to and premier music, food, film, art, sports, culture and nightlife is at the tips of your fingers.

To start building a profile on Fever, you are asked to pick “hashtags” of things you love to do with your free time. Categories for these “hashtags” include film, party, food, shopping, sports, culture, music and more. By telling Fever your favorite things, the app is able to start pulling local experiences you’re definitely not going to want to miss.

I can't wait to try out Fever when I'm next in London! If you're in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or New York and use Fever let me know about some the cool places you've found!

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