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My life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately that I haven't had much time to watch television. There is one television show that I am kind of hooked on, and is perfect for when I need 45 minutes of complete distraction away from the pressures of the day.

I first caught an episode of Father Brown over Christmas. It was a repeat on a Tuesday afternoon, and the funniest thing I had watched in a long while. Set in the Cotswolds, the programme is about Father Brown, (played by Mark Williams,) and his quest to get involved and solve murders that happen in and around his parish. There's lots of humor in the show, and the fellow characters Lady Felicia (played by Nancy Carroll,) Mrs McCarthy (played by Sorcha Cusack) and Sid (played by Alex Price) all help out Father Brown to varying degrees of success... and amusement!

Sometimes you need something that is light, fluffy and fun to watch- and I always love trying to solve who the 'murderer' is in shows like these! The locations are great, and I love the clothes warn by Carroll in her role as Lady Felicia. Pure 1950s chic!

The terrific trio - Lady Felicia, Father Brown and Mrs McCarthy
Series 3 has just aired in the UK, and I've had alot of fun catching up with episodes from Series 1 and 2. It's very rare for me to watch a show and love everything about it- but I feel just that for FB- it's all so great!

Lady F and Father Brown team up to solve a murder

Lady Felicia proving it is possible to play cricket wearing a hat...and heels!

Super Sid and a great vintage Rolls!

Which shows do you love to watch when you need to escape from it all? Let me know in the comments! 


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