Political Style 2.0


If you are a regular visitor to Political Style you may have noticed that it has undergone a redesign. Welcome to Political Style 2.0!

Since I started Political Style in 2008, I've been fortunate to meet lots of great people on both sides of the Atlantic who are interested in the blog, and how the fields of politics and fashion make an innovative fit! I too am keen to explore this further, and I'll be featuring politicians on a frequent basis, asking them the tough questions but also questioning them about fashion!

I'll continue to feature your favourite fashion news and updates, as well as my top picks from some of my favourite stores and designers.

I'll also be sharing more of my life on Political Style, providing you with an insight into what I get up to, where I visit and who I spend time with.

Political Style will continue to feature your old favourites such as White House Week, Links of the Week and Reel Style, bringing you the latest news from The White House and how to score a look seen from the stage and screen.

I'd love to hear your opinion on the new posts that I will be sharing and what you would love to see on the blog. Get in touch with me by email, in the comments or on Twitter.

Thanks for your support, and here's to PS 2.0!

-Laura xo

PS Big thanks to One Beat Designs for assisting with the redesign of the blog!
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