Tory Burch at Bicester Village


On Wednesday I took a trip to Bicester Village to check out the Tory Burch Outlet. It's been three years since my last trip, and whilst the complex has a range of my favourite stores (Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade to name two!) the addition of TB pretty much makes it one of the best places to shop.

There was a fantastic range of items marked down, and many of the items that you would see in the regular boutiques and concessions were in the store but on sale!

I picked up a Simone Cardigan that I've been after for ages, and a great hot orange iPad case for under £50.

I could have bought pretty much every shoe in the store, but I needed to show a little restraint ahead of a big shopping trip that's fast approaching... :)

Revas the colour of the rainbow
A great selection of wraparound bracelets
The chicest hanging rail I ever did see!

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