Crane & Canopy launch first Kickstarter campaign


Crane & Canopy
Kickstarter is a fantastic initiative to help startups launch new ideas. Crane & Canopy have launched their first Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $20,000 in funds to bring the innovative Nova Duvet Cover to market.

Crane & Canopy is on a mission to transform the way people feel about their bedding. With four key features that reduce the time needed to make the perfect bed by 80%, the Nova Duvet Cover is perfect for occupied moms, busy young professionals, and everyone in between.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Nova Duvet Cover include:

•The Easiest Way to Stuff Your Comforter: A repositioned opening of the duvet cover from the bottom to the middle allows for greater ease of use.
•No More Button, No More Pain: A durable zipper closure makes it quick and easy to close the duvet cover.
•The Comforter is Guaranteed to Stay in Place: The simple addition of four interior corner ties ensures the comforter will stay in place.
•The Perfect Bed, Every Time: Elegant design details, like a tailored flap and accent strip, create the illusion of a flat sheet so consumers can now sleep without a top sheet and achieve a perfectly made bed in just one motion.

Founded in July 2012 by husband and wife team Karin and Christopher Sun, SF-based Crane & Canopy is the leading online home goods company that offers beautifully-designed, high-quality bedding at innovative price points. Armed with a team of talented designers, Crane & Canopy works directly with manufacturers to deliver customers a continuous new selection of on-trend, premium designer bedding without the department store price markup. The company was founded with the mission to change the way consumers shop for home d├ęcor, utilizing a direct-to-consumer-only model. For more information about Crane & Canopy click here.

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