Wendy Davis to run for Governor of Texas



The news that we were all anticipating was finally confirmed this week- State Senator Wendy Davis is running to be Texas Governor!

Davis rose to prominence in June this year when she delivered an 11 hour filibuster against a bill that threatened to severely restrict abortion access for women. Her pink sneakers and her fierce determination positioned her as a rising star in the Democratic party, and she consequently raised an impressive sum of campaign funds during a fundraising stop in Washington D.C. over the summer.

During her announcement speech, Davis promised to be an advocate for those who feel they no longer have a voice in the halls of the Texas State Capitol, as well as fighting for more education funding and taking on Texas Republicans who are 'in the pockets of their campaign contributors.'

There is little doubt that Davis will face heavy Republican opposition, and it is likely that she will face Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott in the battle for the Governor's Mansion.

What do you think of Wendy Davis's bid to be Governor?
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