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I recently purchased the Up device by Jawbone after reading really fantastic reviews by some of my fellow bloggers.

The device tracks how many steps you are taking per day, records your sleep patterns and encourages you to note down what you eat and drink as part of the assessment to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. The device also allows you to set daily goals for activity and sleep, as well as alarms to wake you up gently and to encourage you to get moving after periods of inactivity.

Data is easily broken down and trackable over days, weeks or months, and daily tips are really useful in making small, subtle changes that can make big positive results.

The Up app is free to download to your iPhone or Android, and you sync the bracelet by plugging it into the headphones socket of your device. The bracelet comes in several different colours, and I opted for the classic black. It is wise to use the wrist measurement guide online before you purchase, and even though I have a super tiny wrist, I needed the medium size band.

The band really does encourage you to move more, and even though I am quite an active person, I have been taking their tips on board, for example, moving around whilst taking telephone calls, and taking time for a short walk during lunchtime.

For more info on the Up device click here. 
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