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I'm delighted to feature a guest post from Kim of VanchicDC! Keep on reading for her top closet organization tips!

Having an organized closet is something all of us ladies desire, but getting to that OCD-sweet-spot is laborous.  I am a professional organizer and Youtube Guru under Big Frame Network.  Literally all day long I preach the topic of how to organize a closet fashion-forward. Watching my Youtube videos, you'll get a sense of the everyday basic babysteps needed to orchestrate a simpler home, develop second nature maintenance routines and create hub systems.  No busy gal can master becoming a stepford wife overnight.  It's arduous to break messy and unordered lifestyle and home habits.  My goal is catering to the busy, fashionable and budget concious girl.  Here are my top tips to achieve a glam & larger looking closet.

1. Every item in a closet must have a home.  If you pick up different outfits to try on in the morning, all the stuff you dont end up wearing needs to go back on the hanger.

2. Each material item needs a belonging zone. Categorize it by type.  All shirts go in the shirt section, every sock sits in the sock drawer, all purses lie in the purse region, jeans with the jeans...etc  When this gets jumbled, your closet looks cluttered, cheap and smaller.

3. The fastest way to look like you know what youre doing when it comes to your home fashion identity: Color coordinate! (If you have patterns that dont have a specific color, pick the dominating color you see in the pattern.) Color coordinating is a great way to see what you have and what staple items you're missing. For some reason I have no green tops but I have 30 black blouses.  I can clearly see that I should probably change my shopping habits and start gravitating towards more nature-friendly colors!

4. PLEASE throw away all your mismatching hangers.  Buy hangers that are 100% completely the same brand and color.  Just do it. I promise you'll thank me. It's really helpful to see all your clothes hanging at the same level height.  It creates a linear focus to the architecture of a small space like a closet.

5. Think glamorous...chuck all the plastic bins, fake wood particle board shelving, boxes, over the door hangers and dorm-room crap.  Think pretty: flowers, chandelier, fabric stool, valet hooks, hidden lighted shelving, coordinate all the door/drawer knobs, lean a framed floor mirror against a wall, drapes, armoire, nail a mini curio to the wall etc...

6. Stay away from overpriced organizational tools! (Shedding wicker baskets, ugly sharpied labels, plastic under the bed storage, fabric hanging shelves, space savers, drawer carts, hanging jewelry rolls) All they do is make you more unorganized...and let's face it, they are ugly. I never see my high end cliental with these gimmicky items in the house.

7. Sort out and purge all the clothing rejects. Clothes you never wear, or that are worn down, too tight or just plain ugly! The are taking up prime real estate home space!

8. Shop smarter! Honor your bank account and hard earned money. Cut the urge to splurge. Just because you shop less doesnt make you less hip or fashionable.

9. Take my organization quiz to see how organized you are and if you are spending too much money on thoughtless accumulation junk that is filling up your house.

10. A simpler home with space and proper decor staging is chic, polished and will make a room look bigger.

Would it take you more than an hour to tidy up your belongings?  How many times a week do you misplace or lose things?  Are you shopping and spending close-to or more money in a month than what you make?  Is there more than one room in your house that has stacks of papers? Are you holding onto family heirlooms or gifts out of guilt and fear to purge it?  Do you have mismatched or lost socks every time you do laundry?  If you feel you are unorganized, my youtube channel can get your life on track. My goal is to inspire you to make your living space simplified and glamorous so you can efficiently get out the door quicker in the morning and feel good about your valuables.

You can get in touch with Kim by emailing and follow her on Twitter, and watch her videos on Youtube.

Kim of VanchicDC
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