The Political Style Gift Guide 2009: DC Film Alliance's Red Carpet Pass


Searching for the perfect gift which will last all year? Look no further than the DC Film Alliance's Red Carpet Pass- the ideal gift for a movie-lover or an individual who wants to experience a selection of new films each month.

The Red Carpet Pass is available for a $300 donation to the DC Film Alliance, of which $100 is tax deductible. The passes are on sale now at the DC Film Alliance site: or by phone at 202-393-4266. Pass holders will receive monthly updates on upcoming festivals and how to select the perfect seats.

Current participating festivals include: Film Neu, Our City Film Fest, DC Independent Film Festival, DC Film Fest, Heritage Film & Video Festival, Politics on Film, EuroAsia Film Festival, Rosebud Film Festival, DC Shorts, Baltimore Women's Film Festival and Georgetown Film Festival among many others!
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