Swatch Style with Theresa May


There was much excitement back in July when Theresa May was snapped wearing a Swatch to church in her home village of Sonning. Husband Philip even joined in the act, wearing a special Rio Olympic Games model!

Swatch is an iconic time-telling brand, and it was one of the first watches that I owned. The simple black strap version graces the wrists of many of the world's notable personas, almost making it a standard accessory for those with power and influence.

Theresa May's selection of a Swatch makes her a member of this club, and the Purple Power Swatch that she wore (and continues to wear) is a stylish choice. With a chronograph feature and 3 bar water resistance, it's a sturdy model- and the clashing purple and blue colour scheme is perfectly on trend. May's model is no longer available, but these models are equally as chic!

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