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There's no doubt that the Prime Minister is one of our best dressed Britons. Showcasing the very best of British design, Theresa May frequently wears pieces from Daniel Blake, Amanda Wakeley and Russell & Bromley. But like the rest of us, the PM also loves a bargain.

It's not all fine tailoring and Italian made shoes for Theresa May. The PM knows how to spot a bargain- and importantly, make it work for her important job and quirky love of fashion.

Theresa May has long turned to French brand Longchamp to house and carry her personal possessions. Established in 1948, the Le Pliage nylon bags have been a familiar sight on many famous arm, and are my go-to bag for lugging around my laptop and other bits that I can't live without. Like many Longchamp fans (me included,) May has several types of Le Sac bags.

She continues to use the Backpack Le Sac, opting for a classic black model with tan leatherwear. She has added to her collection with a khaki version. May also used a Tote Bag L on her recent holiday to Italy, this time using a utilitarian khaki colour. Mr May is also a fan of the Longchamp Le Sac, often carrying the document holder. All priced at the £65-£75 mark, these bags are extremely affordable, durable and a classic edition to your everyday wardrobe.

Staying with European designers, Theresa May is also a fan of the Italian brand, Mirta Bijoux. May has worn this striking, oversized navy blue Balls necklace on many occasions- from her first day as PM to trips around the world, this is one of her favourite pieces. And for those of us looking to capture a piece of May jewellery, you can snag your own Balls necklace for a purse friendly 45euro.

What about footwear? Theresa May memorably wore a pair of white classic low top Converse on her recent Lake Garda holiday- and the fashion world went wild because of it! Selecting the optical white colour, these £50 sneakers were also worn by May on a recent trip to an outdoor centre in Wales. They're the perfect low-key, high-fashion shoe!

And who can't forget the pink linen dress Theresa May also wore on her Italian holiday? The £26 linen blend dress has caused much discussion in the fashion press, but for a world leader who just wanted to chill in the hot Italian sun, it was an ideal choice.

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It's important for our leaders and politicians to be able to relate to the electorate, and for the electorate to feel a connection with those that lead us. May's choice of affordable items- and the fun that she has with her clothes is just one successful way in which she does this. What will her next budget buy be?!

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