Theresa May: The Enigmatic Prime Minister


What makes Theresa May such a fascinating character is that we don't know much about her. From her upbringing as the daughter a vicar, to the longest serving (and most successful) Home Secretary, Theresa May is a leader we are intrigued by.

This new biography released earlier this month by Biteback and written by award-winning political journalist Rosa Prince, aims to educate us about our Prime Minister, and casts the light on the personal character behind the professional image.

I enjoyed finding out more about May's time as a local councillor, her attempts to be selected as a parliamentary candidate and her early days as the MP for Maidenhead. It was also great to read more about her role as Conservative Party Chairman and the various positions she held in the Shadow Cabinet. 

Perhaps what is most impressive is her record as Home Secretary. From tackling modern slavery to the fight against terror, it's evident that May is a tough character, cemented in her principles and duty to do her very best. 

May has frequently stated that politics is not a game, and from this book you understand that she is truly committed to public service and positively effecting the lives of others. Whilst there are no shocking revelations or ultra new information in this biography, the interviews with various parliamentary colleagues and party members does provide a warm and fascinating insight into May's personal and professional life. And, unsurprisingly, I really enjoyed the anecdotes about May's love of fashion! 

This is a great book to read if you want to find out more about our Prime Minister, and considering the quick turn-around that Prince had to meet, the level of research and detail is impressive. A must-read for any politics fan! 

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