Summer Decor Trends from Birch Lane


Catie Parrish, a home style expert from Birch Lane, has given us some fantastic tips on how you can spruce up your home with this year's summer decor trends.

As spring transitions into summer, the latest home d├ęcor trends are coming to light.  With an eye toward staying-power, here are a few standouts making the scene: periwinkle colors, linen upholstery, and mixed metallics. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with a major furniture purchase or just dabble in a few decorative accessories, here are some tips for successfully updating the look of your home.

Faux Blue Hydrangea Arrangement, Fretwork Decorative Jar, Abigail Rug

If violet and baby blue had a lovechild it would be periwinkle. Refreshing and powdery, with just the right amount of gray to keep it from feeling too sweet, pale periwinkle is the coolest color to try this summer.

Tips for Decorating with Periwinkle
Brighten a bookcase or table top with periwinkle glazed ceramics. (Think pitchers, candleholders, and vases.)
Refresh the exterior of your home by painting your front door or shutters periwinkle.
For a super girly color palette, combine periwinkle with hot pink and gold.
Try periwinkle in a bathroom (with lots of white) for a soothing, spa-like feel.
Add a surprise to your drawers or by lining them with periwinkle patterned paper or fabric.

Elliot Settee, Parker Nailhead Trim Bed, Lola Curtain Panel 

Linen Upholstery
Light, neutral, and breathable, linen is a go-to fabric for summertime. Although it’s a timeless choice, linen is having a bit of resurgence lately, with everything from beds and sofas to windows and pillows coming swathed in this luxurious fabric.

Tips for Trying Linen
On large pieces of furniture, pair linen with nailhead trim for a tailored look.
Embrace the casual side of linen—wrinkles, frayed edges, and all!
Let linen’s simplicity allow stunning curves and dramatic shapes to shine.
Dress your bed in linen sheets for the ultimate in breathable bedding that gets better with time.
For window treatments that let in just the right amount of light and look ultra-rich, try linen sheers. 

Hamilton Silver Frame, Mandala Tray Set, Richmond Table Lamp

Mixed Metallics
Long-gone are the days where you had to choose one metal finish and stick with it. Now, it’s acceptable—nay, chic!—to combine silver with gold, copper, bronze, brass, and everything in between.

Tips on Mixing Metals
Mix metallics with mirrored finishes to multiply their reflective qualities. 
Add complexity, variation, and a sense of depth to a room by layering mixed metallics throughout the space.
Combine shiny metallics with industrial finishes for a refreshed vintage look. 
Try creating a small group of mixed metallic accessories, such as a tray with a framed photo and a candleholder.
If pairing gold with silver still feels a little risky, consider mixing gold with other warm metallics like brass and copper.

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