Discovering DC: Woodley Park/Cleveland Park


This week's Discovering DC takes a trip to the Woodley Park/Cleveland Park area with Monica from Hemingway and Handbags! 

What's your history with Woodley Park/Cleveland Park and DC?
I actually moved to DC in January of 2013 to work for a freshman member of Congress from my home state (California). Having done the requisite summer internship in DC almost four years ago, I am pretty familiar with the city, as well as northern Virginia where my brother lives.

I ultimately ended up in the Woodley Park/Cleveland Park area more by chance since I found an apartment and roommates I loved there. The first time I went to see the place I was walking down Connecticut on a Tuesday evening and completely fell in love with the area. There were tons of young people out to happy hour and dinner and it seemed so social and fun.

Discovering Woodley Park/Cleveland Park- what are your favourite places to shop/eat/go with friends/people watch?
I have been a 2Amys addict long before I even moved to DC. I tried to go every time I visited and now, living so close, I go a lot! Of course you can't talk about the area without mentioning the Zoo too. It's such a fun place to spend the day when the whether is nice.

Perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Woodley Park/Cleveland Park?
A perfect afternoon would definitely start with brunch at Open City. Everything on the menu is delicious and I am such a sucker for their smoothies. After I would probably go for a run to work off my meal through the Zoo if it's a nice day. If it's raining (or snowing in late March like it has been of late), I would head to the Uptown Theater for a cozy movie in a beautiful, old Art Deco theater.

Monica from Hemingway and Handbags
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