2017- what a year!


I always love sitting down to read the year in review posts, and writing them has a cathartic feeling that I look forward to.

Alot has happen over the past twelve months since I last convened at my desk with a mug of hot tea and mulled over the events of the year.

2017 has been a brilliant year for me professionally, with many projects and long dreamt plans finally coming to fruition.

I've managed an election campaign, expanded my work in the political field and am working with amazing organisations championing women in politics. I've ticked off a life long dream of being on the radio, contributing to election coverage as well as regularly appearing on two of the main radio shows in Wales. I've worked with clients in new professional fields, and made many new contacts who have transformed the way I think and do business.

I've also been present at some of the year's memorable events. The Trump Inauguration in January was one I won't forget in a long time, as was the Women's March and working on the GE 2017 election campaign. Other highlights include meeting the Prime Minister, Theresa May and seeing her awesome shoes in real life!

But perhaps most of all, the highlight of 2017 has been, for the first time, feeling comfortable with who I am working with and feeling part of a tribe that truly fits. Finding friends amongst 2017's journey has been wonderful, and is just one of the things I am grateful that this rollercoaster year brought. And with new friends and new challenges come the inevitable 'retirement' of others. Some friendships have come to an end due to professional reasons- never ever fail to be surprised by the judgement and actions of others!

And as I look to 2018, I hope this new year will be as successful as the one we are seeing out. I have big hopes and dreams for new projects, new workstreams and new relationships. 2018 will be a landmark year in many ways- I turn the big 3-0, we celebrate the anniversary of women's suffrage in the UK and our country will face many big changes. But this is what a new year is all about - new challenges, new opportunities and a fresh change to make a difference. Bring it!

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