Theresa May A-Z: I is for Italian Fashion


Grande! Theresa May is no stranger to looking at Italy for a little style inspiration. One of her most striking pieces- the blue Balls necklace is by the Italian accessories brand Mirta Bijoux. This oversized design is one of Mirta Bijoux’s signature styles, and the PM regularly wears her necklace with a baby blue coat and navy shift dress. She also teamed it with her DvF jacket and jeans for her Conservative Party conference arrival.

The Mirta Bijoux necklace was Theresa May’s statement accessory for her first day as Prime Minister, and it also made a reappearance in the official Cabinet photograph. May last wore the necklace in February 2017 for a summit of EU leaders in Valetta, Malta.

Mirta Bijoux’s creations are dedicated to an audience who choose quality and innovation. As the brand itself says, ‘Our accessory is the wearer: her passions, her creativity and her joy.’ All these characteristics certainly ring true for Theresa May, and her Mirta Bijoux accessory is the ultimate style statement.

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