Lady Sarah Thatcher designs a new range of handbags


Previous Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was synonymous for her love of handbags, and like the Queen, was never seen without one.

Her daughter in law, Lady Sarah Thatcher has recently designed a range of handbags for Luxury Promise. Whilst most have sold out, a few designs are still available to purchase.

The colourful range of keyrings, purses and bags start at an affordable £95 and advance to nearly £5000 for some exotic items. Constructed from crocodile and ostrich, these pieces are absolutely classic- and all have a fresh, modern twist.

The Royal Blue Crocodile Clutch is one of my favourite designs- and still available! The Grey purse is also still available to buy, and will bring a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.

For more details on the line visit Luxury Promise - but be quick!

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