Parisian Chic Look Book


We know the Parisians are considered to be completely chic, but how can non-Parisians take some of their sense of style and implement it into our wardrobes?

Legendary model and designer Ines De La Fressange is solving this problem with her new book, the Parisian Chic Look Book. Packed with tips and tricks on how to dress for situations, this shiny gold volume details the key pieces you need to own. From black jeans to a navy blazer, jeweled flats to simple tees, this book can help you locate the basics whilst adding that hint of Parisian glamour.

My favourite looks are the ones which are classic- a clean silhouette, jazzed up with a touch of sparkle or a strong accessory. Whilst some of these looks I wouldn't personally wear (e.g. a jumpsuit on a shopping trip,) this book is a fun one to get those fashion juices flowing.

Ines de la Fressange © Alessandra d'Urso.

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