Judith Miller: Living with Art Deco Style launch


Judith Miller the undisputed Queen of Antiques will be launching her exciting new title Living with Art Deco Style in October 2016 and The Blanchard Collective is delighted to announce a book signing event at their Marlborough showroom on Wednesday 5 October from 11 am, in collaboration with the award winning Hungerford Bookshop.

Internationally acclaimed antiques expert Judith Miller will sign copies of her book and share her knowledge with visitors and a highlight of the event will be a panel discussion with Judith and Art Deco specialists at The Blanchard Collective, Peter Woodward and Philip Varma and guest specialist Art Deco dealer Jeroen Markies. The dealers will show a selection of star pieces from their own collections using Judith’s beautiful book to reference makers and influences from this illustrious era of early C20th style.
Judith Miller
For further information contact Gail McLeod at mail@antiquesnewsandfairs.co.uk.

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