Earn Your Seat On A Corporate Board: Advice from Jill Griffin


A well run business can change the world, and being on a corporate board is leadership at the highest level. It's important for all of us at each level of our career to continue our professional development. Whether you're volunteering for a local charity, fundraising for a good cause or seeking to serve on a board, furthering your skills and experience will help build your career, elevate leadership and expand your influence.

I currently serve as a governor at a local high school, and I am keen to sit on a board in the near future. Jill Griffin's new book 'Earn Your Seat On A Corporate Board' is full of great advice for this path, with a handy checklist and tips and tricks to achieve a board position.

Beginning with the basics of terminology and ending with an actionable strategy for making the right connections and the right skillset, Griffin's practical advice is straightforward and positive in its approach.

Griffin herself is an independent public board director, and has served as the Board Director for Luby's/Fuddruckers Restaurants since 2003. Griffin credits her experience as a Board Director for helping her to become a better listener, making new contacts and broadening her knowledge of the corporate world.

If you are seeking to become a board member or enter public service, Earn Your Seat On A Corporate Board is well worth a read.

Thanks to Jill Griffin for sending me a review copy of her book.

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