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Netflix has become a common portal for many of us to watch our favourite shows, films and documentaries. With awesome dramas like House of Cards and comedies such as Grace and Frankie exclusively commissioned by the company, it's hard to remember where else we used to get our entertainment from!

I had lots of fun compiling a playlist when I first signed up to Netflix, and I'm still working my way through a large list of shows and films that I have bookmarked. I've rediscovered some cult classics and catching up with series I missed the first time round. It's all rather addictive!

Here's what I'm currently watching thanks to Netflix!

Bates Motel: the prequel to the classic Hitchcock film is set in present day Oregon. It's dark, intense and I love it. Vera Farmiga is amazing as Norma Bates, and her emotional and deeply haunting portrayal of the character whose fate we already know is utterly compelling.

Hinterland: cerebral and dark, Netflix has the English language version of this crime drama set in the wilds of West Wales. You'll be gripped from the first few minutes of episode one.

Fuller House: the highly anticipated revival of the classic Full House got me really hooked on Netflix. Light, warm and with lots of humour, it's awesome to see what those Tanner kids are up to twenty years or so on!

Grace and Frankie: I watch Grace and Frankie when I need cheering up! Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are the perfect funny duo and each episode shows how the once enemies turned best friends set about rebuilding their lives after their respective husbands leave their wives for each other.

Damages: I'm rewatching the earlier episodes and catching up with the final series. Glenn Close = amazing!

House of Cards: any post about Netflix wouldn't be complete without mentioning House of Cards. Season 4- outstanding. It's also worth checking out the original, British House of Cards!

What else should I be checking out on Netflix? Share your suggestions with me in the comments!
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