Adventures in Dallas


If you've been following my Instagram feed, you'll know that for the past week I've been in Dallas! This was my first trip to Texas, and I was excited to visit a city that I've heard lots about!

I stayed at the Hilton Anatole. The hotel is HUGE and it took 10 minutes to walk from my room to breakfast each day. Great for working up an appetite and walking it off! The hotel also has a tonne of art, and many priceless pieces amongst its collection. The quirkiest of them all has to be a piece of the Berlin Wall!

I was in town for some St John business functions, but made time to visit two of the most interesting spots on the tourism list.

The first was the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Regardless of your political persuasion, the Library and Museum is a must see attraction. The highlight for me was the to scale replica of the Oval Office, and the fact that you could sit behind the Resolute Desk and have your photo taken. Total tourist!

I also visited the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Forever associated with the death of President Kennedy, the Museum provides a fascinating insight into the President's visit to Dallas, and the events and aftermath of that tragic day. If like me, you've watched the documentaries and movies about the assassination, visiting Dealey Plaza is instantly familiar. It's almost like walking onto a film set- with the Grassy Knoll, Book Depository and white picket fence all untouched. It was an eerie experience.

During the weekend, I also visited the Number One British Flying School. Located outside Dallas, many British servicemen and women came to the area to train to fly during WW2. Some never returned, and the extensive museum and memorial is dedicated to their memories. Manned by volunteers, it's a hidden gem and one which was fascinating to visit.

The Texan hospitality was wonderful, and it was great to catch up with many friends and new faces during my time in the Big D!

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