All Aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia


A few weeks ago I was in Edinburgh for a short city break. The highlight of the trip was going aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia!

A special tour had been arranged for 8am, and my group were able to board the via the Royal Brow, the entrance used by the Queen and her guests!

Our tour guide showed us round the yacht, and we saw areas including the crew's quarters, the dining room and the Queen's private rooms. We also saw the Bloodhound (a royal racing boat,) and the Queen's Rolls Royce.

As the yacht was used by the Royal Family for their vacations, many personal effects and photographs remain. All of the clocks on the yacht show the time of 3.01pm, marking when the monarch stepped off the vessel for the very last time.

It was a fascinating and fun trip, and having breakfast on the top deck was a fun way to begin the day!

Check out my photos for a look at my visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia! View more of my photos over on Flickr.

A way to make an entrance!
Anyone for a game?
Crew bar
The Crew's napkins
Details of the table setting
Newspaper from the last day the Queen was on the yacht
Pop up bar! 
The dining room
The Queen's Bedroom
Rule Britannia
Selection of family photos
Our group- we were psyched to sit on the sofas!
All the clocks are set to 3.01pm, marking the last time the Queen stepped off the yacht.
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