Claire Underwood: House of Cards S3 Style


I finally finished House of Cards Series 3 over the weekend, and oh my, it was worth the wait! Aside from the gripping storylines and the last five minutes of the final episode (what!!!) I was obsessed with the wardrobe that Robin Wright wears to play Claire Underwood.

The character of Claire is pretty amazing. She's strong and determined but displays a real fragility. Some have called her a modern day Lady MacBeth, but I think in the latest series, we really got to see behind the facade.

Claire's style in Series 3 had many similarities, but there were subtle differences in the clothes that she was wearing. Robin Wright brought her stylist, Kemal Harris to work with her, and the results see her character wearing a mix of Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen and Proenza Schouler. The color palette doesn't stray much from greys, whites and navys- apart from a burgundy dress in a scene on Air Force One and a pale lavender suit for her formal photograph with the President.

It's also notable that Claire was little to no accessories. Apart from her Cartier tank, a pair of simple earrings and a belt from time to time, her style is very minimal, and the focus is purely on the clothes.

So what were my favourite Claire looks from S3?

I love the shoulder detailing on this black dress!

This Kemal Harris off the shoulder dress was custom made for the character and is a big change from her normal palette.

A sharp white sleeved dress. 

The amazing silk Valentina gown by Ralph Lauren! Who else thought the beer pong scene was really fun?

An elegant separates look- a black pencil skirt and white silk top.

That final scene... I love her grey plaid scarf! 

And for cinematography, this shot is pretty special. 

What do you love about Claire Underwood's style?
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