International Women's Day 2014


International Women's Day
International Women's Day seems to creep round really fast each year! This year I'm going to be speaking about my new project, Women In Web to an audience in South Wales. It's super exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time!

I'm inspired by women who take risks and those make a real difference in society. Regular readers will know that I'm inspired by Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, but I'm also inspired by Dayle Haddon for founding a life-changing non-profit called Women One, and Aerin Lauder for creating a lifestyle brand that has various price points so women from all backgrounds can experience a part of her lifestyle. Each of these remarkable women have inspired me in different areas of my life, and I have been fortunate to meet two on this list. As I look at new ventures in my life, including setting up my own business I use these women as examples on how to improve and how to reach for the stars!

Who are your inspirations and how have they impacted upon your life? 
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