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Amatoria Clothing

 I'm delighted to be teaming up with Amatoria Clothing to give one lucky reader the chance to win this great 'Organic' tee!

Amatoria Clothing was founded by Monica Rojas. Originally from Switzerland, Monica has lived in Ecuador and moved to the United States when she was 12. Passionate about fashion from a young age, Monica began looking for vintage pieces, and experiencing mixing prints, textures and layering.

As Monica herself says... "I am fascinated by the recent trend of environmental products. I think it began when I purchased a pair of sandals that had a stamp on the leather which said “I used to be a rice bag”. I began researching different brands that offered recycled or “responsible” products. The options were not up to par with my expectations. I began thinking of all the times I have cleaned out my closet and decided that certain pieces were not worthy of resale or donation. I had been buying trendy pieces from stores who make things in bulk, and don’t care about the materials, the quality, or how they treat their laborers. I decided I wanted to make a small difference, and create “responsible” fashion that I want to wear.

My goal is to provide unique, quality garments using natural, organic, recycled or upcycled materials. I named my company Amatoria because it is a Latin word meaning “of love or related to love”. Latin is part of all the languages I have grown up speaking (French, Spanish, English), so in a way it ties in my nomadic background. I feel that my aesthetic is also a mixture of the places I have lived. I like the clean, effortless European style, the earthy, natural feel of Ecuadorian products, and the modern and casual practicality of American Fashion. My product assortment at the moment includes some jewelry that I brought back from my most recent trip to Ecuador. The silver pendants are all 950 silver and feature natural stones. My clothing assortment at the moment includes some pieces that have been made with “upcycled” materials by repurposing vintage pieces, as well as pieces made with natural and organic materials. Everything is made and designed by me. Through an ongoing apprenticeship, I have learned the “old-school” way of making garments with a focus on quality, not speed and cutting costs. I am continuing to add new pieces. My next focus is to create a homogeneous “collection” for Spring."

Enter to win the popular 'Organic' tee from Amatoria using the widget below! You can check out Monica's store here.

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