Discovering DC: Hillcrest


This week, Discovering DC heads to Hillcrest with Manoucheka from Colour Me Glam! 

What's your history with Hillcrest and DC?
I moved to DC 7 years ago from Boston. At the time, I was convinced I was going to save the world as most young people out of college believe. I eventually landed on Capitol Hill working for Dianne Feinstein. Since then, I have settled in at a public relations firm in the city.

Discovering Hillcrest- what are your favourite places to shop/eat/go with friends/people watch?
I moved to Hillcrest in SE DC in 2009 and I absolutely love my area. This neighborhood  is a hidden jewel in the city and also home to some amazing houses. Hillcrest is also home to DC  Mayor Vincent Gray. While it is not as popular as say Dupont, I do believe its time is coming. One of my favorite restaurants which is a stones throw from my house is Pimento Grill. When the restaurant first opened, I think I pretty much resided there.

Perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Hillcrest?
Going for a run through Hillcrest, in this neighborhood, you see some amazing views of the city.

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