2012 in Review: Instagram


I've loved using Instagram this year- and can't wait for more snaps to happen in 2013!

I can be followed at lauraemilyd, and check out a small selection of images I have taken this year.


Anonymous said...

Is that a Senate charm on your Tiffany bracelet? Love! I have the same bracelet, but the back of the Tiffany charm has the House seal engraved on it!

Laura Emily Dunn said...

Thanks for the comment! That is indeed the Senate charm! I love it! I was looking for a House charm one but haven't managed to find one as of yet! Did you get yours in the gift shop?

Anonymous said...

I did! When I got it in 2010, they only sold the bracelet and charm together, but last I saw (as of 2011), they were selling just the charm, too. The engraving was also a lot nicer on the newer ones than on mine.

Laura Emily Dunn said...

Thanks for the tip! Next time I shall make sure I get one !:)

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