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Sharon Lawrence returns to Drop Dead Diva this Sunday (12th August) reprising her role as Bobbie Dobkins, mother of the show's main character, Deb. In Season One, the sudden death of aspiring model Deb and her subsequent inhabitation of the body of recently deceased lawyer Jane sets the scene for a fantasy television series like no other.

"I've been playing Bobbie Dobkins on Drop Dead Diva since the series began four years ago, and from the first read of the script, I was attracted to this story employing fantasy and magic realism to explore second chances and seeing the world through different eyes," Sharon tells us.

"Playing Bobbie has allowed me to contribute truths that are deep and honest about modern women, helping us to reassess what is valuable in how we see ourselves and the world around us."

"This particular episode examines how Bobbie pushed Deb when she was a young dancer and the unintended damaged that occurred. It is so satisfying to work with the creative team because they find a deeper resolve to these authentic conflicts. Bobbie is not just some stereotypical Mom, and despite the grief of losing her daughter, Bobbie feels a close connection to Jane- something which provides healing and transformation for both women."

"Both the character and I have a rich evolving bond with Brooke Elliott who plays the title role, and it   really makes the heartstrings so real to play."

A&E Television Networks
This episode of Drop Dead Diva (titled 'Lady Parts') airs this Sunday (12th August) at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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