Prime Ministerial Favourites: Mirta Bijoux


We all know that the Prime Minister loves an oversized necklace, and perhaps her ultimate favourite is the Ballsmania collection from Mirta Bijoux.

When she came to office, the PM had one navy Ballsmania necklace. She wore it frequently with a sky blue coat from Hobbs and a navy shift dress - the perfect pairing! Since then, her collection has grown - and we've counted another 7 additions to the mix.

From classic black to a standout metallic blue, the Ballsmania necklaces (and bracelets!) are providing a welcome pop of colour and sass to May's outfits. And at a time where every discussion seems to be on Brexit, it's a welcome distraction to chat about some serious accessorising from the Prime Minister.

So what's cool about these particular necklaces? The versatility of these pieces are what first struck me. We've seen the PM wear hers in the Commons Chamber and when out and about in her Maidenhead constituency - as well as when visiting countries as part of her official duties. They look great with a formal dress and also paired with a casual tee shirt and jeans.

There are 100 colour combinations in the collection to try, and each item is handmade to the highest standards using non toxic colours and no nickel.

Politics doesn't have to be all about policy, and with voters wanting to understand the personal behind the public face, fashion is a great way to tell that story. May has embraced this, and despite being a private person, uses her great sense of style to show that she likes to have fun with what she wears. Her quirky taste in jewellery is just one way she does this, and her Mirta pieces are some of our personal favourites.

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Whether it's a fantastic coat, sassy shoes or some really cool jewellery- May knows how to make an impression!

Which are your favourite Mirta Bijoux Ballsmania items? Let me know in the comments. And a big thank you to Mirta Bijoux for sending me two of the Ballsmania items to try and style!


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Unknown said...

Hi! I love your blog, especially stories about Theresa May's interesting colorful necklaces. Is it possible for you to cover more fashion stories about other female politicians everywhere around the world? In Asia, America etc? Keep up those fashion stories!

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