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Hands up if you were a Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan in the Noughties? I loved the show, and would rush home from school every day to catch the latest episode or a re-run. I had the books and the magazine and make-up collection. Big fan!

So I was similarly excited to see the remake launch on Netflix late last year, and how it would put a new spin on a childhood favourite.

Predictably darker and spookier than the original, many of the key themes are visible. The bonds of friends and family, the battle of good vs. evil and staying true to oneself.

Whilst the storylines are pretty gripping, so is the awesome fashion sported by the cast. Aunt Zelda (brilliantly portrayed by Miranda Otto) is the sassiest dresser, and wins hands-down in the style stakes.

She has a serious 1940s old Hollywood vibe going on, and we see Zelda wear lots of black, navy and other dark hues in rich fabrics such as velvet, lace, fur and silk. Glamour knows no bounds, and Zelda accessories with chunky rings, statement necklaces and pearl earrings. She also has a snazzy cigarette holder and some seriously chic winged sunglasses.

One of my favourite looks is her oversized glamorous headband- the only way to dress your hair for bedtime. I've found a range of similar opulent headbands from Penelope Henderson, a British contemporary and bespoke luxe headwear supplier who has an awesome Instagram channel.  (My personal fave is the leopard! It looks awesome with a certain Women2Win bag.)

And turning to make-up, Otto wears items from Charlotte Tilbury for her role as Zelda. Her signature matte pink lipstick is the Secret Salma shade, and make-up artist Candice Stafford-Bridge using the Love Liberty shade for more darker situations. The iconic hair? All thanks to tried and tested hot rollers.

Whilst we can't all aspire to be as devilishly glamorous as Zelda in real life, you can get a smattering of her style with these witchy picks.

Secret Salma
Love Liberty

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