Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song


If you are a Swiftie then rejoice- this is the book for you! After ten years of global superstardom, Taylor Swift's fans have teamed up with Simon & Schuster to create a special book dedicated to why TS is such an icon.

A tribute to Swift, fans across the US collaborated to create a unique scrapbook containing everything you would want to know- and revisit about the star. Featuring a mix of interviews from publications such as Vogue, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone, the publication also spotlights the commitment of the fans and shares why they are such big admirers of Swift and her music.

There's no doubt that Swift is a mega star, and this book reinforces her place in both music and cultural history. Some of the most touching passages are how Swift helped fans through her music, whether it be providing them the strength to end an abusive relationship, or gain the confidence to think big and follow their dreams.

Even though I am a fan of Swift's music, I don't listen as regularly as her superfans! I particularly enjoyed reading the stories behind the lyrics - and the infamous 'is Taylor Swift in New Zealand?' story.

A perfect gift for any Taylor or music fan, this is a great book that you won't want to shake off! :)

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of This Is Our Song to review. 

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