Heist Tights


Tights are an eternal fashion essential. If you're anything like me, you'll stockpile your nylons, making sure you have a supply for when the inevitable snag, tear or run makes an appearance.

But how can tights be made more exciting? Enter Heist. Solving many of the problems that us ladies experience with our tights, Heist has come up with the antidote.

No seams: invisible under clothes, we can say goodbye to the pesky line that would always appear around our middles.

Yarn: made from an Italian double covered yarn with 5x the spirals of regular tights.

Waistband: made on a separate machine and hand sewn onto each pair of tights, each pair is available in two heights that perfectly follow the contour of the body.

Toes: Heist didn't forget about the feet! The toe seams tuck three mm under the toes, giving a streamlined silhouette that you've always dreamed of.

If you prefer a sheer look opt for the 30. For those of you who love the opaque, head for the 50.

Change your approach to tights today and feel the freedom!

Thanks to Heist for sending me a complimentary pair of the 50. 

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